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A Guide to UK Pallet Sizes

Pallets are indispensable tools in the world of logistics and shipping. In the UK, various pallet sizes are commonly used to transport goods efficiently. Understanding these sizes and how to package pallets is crucial for businesses involved in warehousing, transportation, and distribution to avoid any delays in shipment and unexpected costs.

Within the standard UK and Euro pallet dimensions shown below, you can book the appropriate pallet size for your requirements. The size classification is determined by the height of the goods, the length and the width.

If the goods you wish to ship exceed the standard size dimensions (usually by overhanging the pallet’s width or length), then the shipment is considered oversized and will incur additional charges.

Presenting Pallets for Shipment


  • All Pallets must have goods securely shrink wrapped and banded / strapped to the pallet base.
  • Ensure the pallet in good quality so that goods are undamaged. (Pallets may be handled multiple times across the network).
  • Goods should not overhang the pallet size chosen or it will be classed as an oversized pallet and incur additional charges.
  • Ensure the goods are stable on the pallet and not top-heavy.
  • Ensure the correct pallet weights are stated to avoid delay or cancellation.

For tips on how to shrink wrap pallets check out our guide: Tips for Efficiently Shrink Wrapping Pallets Before Haulage

Pallet Sizes

Full Pallet

Full Pallet

H 2.2m W 1.2m L 1.2m
Max Weight: 1200kg

Full Pallet

Light Pallet

H 2.2m W 1.2m L 1.2m
Max Weight: 750kg

Euro Half pallet

Euro Half Pallet

H 2.2m W 1.2m L 0.8m
Max Weight: 500kg

Half Pallet

Half Pallet

H 1.2m W 1.2m L 1.2m
Max Weight: 500kg

Quarter Pallet

Quarter Pallet

H 0.8m W 1.2m L 1.2m
Max Weight: 250kg

Mini Quarter Pallet

Mini Quarter Pallet

H 0.6m W 1.2m L 1.2m
Max Weight: 150kg

Full Pallet vs Light Pallet

The dimension of these pallets are exactly the same but the difference is the weight. 1200kg max for a full pallet and 750kg for a Light Pallet.

Oversized Pallets

For pallets that exceed the standard sizes, we require extra space on the vehicle. This means an an additional fee is incurred, so you will need to enter your dimension of the quote from to get an accurate quotation.

UK and European deliveries are handled in the same way, so there is no extra delivery pallet documentation or customs charges. We can ship regular and oversized pallets throughout UK and Europe.

Pallets by Tail-lift

For goods collected or delivered by Tail-lift, the maximum weight is 1000 Kgs per Pallet.

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