Accountant York

Strengthening Our Business With help of our York Accountant

Everyone is probably tired of hearing about unprecedented times and the uncertainty of the future due to the current Coronavirus situation. However, we just wanted to take time out to thank our York accountant, Franks.

Supporting local business and reaching out a little further than normal goes a long way to ensuring businesses survive and also build some resilience into businesses for the future.

I’ve heard so many stories about others not having a good relationship with their accountant and the feeling that they were left stranded, with lack of support and advice. Some accountants even went on furlough and contact was tough, let alone constructive and supportive advice.

Not so with us and Franks. In fact, contact increased and became more proactive than normal. Including out of normal hours support and advice when we needed it most.

We had to reduce our staff which meant we had less time during normal office hours and having meetings after 6pm meant we could work more effectively.

Strategic Assistance

For many in our industry, lockdown meant a huge amount of work stopped overnight and we had to strategically look at ways to keep our wheels turning. Prices dropped for work and Franks worked with us to help look at ways we could continue to operate while remaining profitable.

This included sound furloughing advice, when to do it, and when to bring our drivers back. In addition, we were kept informed of all incentives available to us, including those specifically available to the York area and our sector.

Funding, grants and any applicable loans were carefully explained to us so we knew which were right for us and which weren’t. We would never have had the time to research and understand all these factors without the help of Franks Accountants.


In summary, the reason behind this post is to thank our York accountant for strengthening our business and going the extra mile, when we needed it most.

We’re confident that Suttle Transport Services has the best possible strategy in place to withstand future storms and be around to continue to provide our services at the most competitive prices to our customers for the foreseeable future.