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What’s in a name? – Our Logo Story

Very often the first piece of information we have about a person or a business is their name. It’s often the first thing you learn about someone and we form judgments about people or companies very rapidly.

Those judgments accumulate, so the first piece of information is especially important. It can lean you in a positive direction or a negative direction. And those first impressions can set the stage for future interactions.

Another factor is that we identify very strongly with our names and they are an important part of the baggage that we associate with ourselves. And they reflect on us. Although we may seem like a large company, our values have always remained very personal and that reflects in our service. Everybody matters, and we treat everyone with the same respect.

How STS247 came about

When we first came up with our logo we were conditioned heavily by the availability of domain names. STS relates to Suttle Transport Services and as this domain was unavailable we appended 247 to the end as we effectively operate around the clock. The outcome was

Although many understood the abbreviation, it has caused some confusion. We’ve answered the phone as “Suttle Transport” and some have said is that STS247? We are not really STS247 we are Suttle Transport Services and always will be.

Back to Basics

After much deliberation, we decided to change our branding. We also decided to change our domain name. Our new domain name is We feel this going back to basics method reflects our personality much better.

Looking Ahead

We’re continually striving to improve and expand our service offerings. We’re recently joined the UK’s No.1 pallet network, Palletways, and have a new operating centre based at Thorp Arch, Wetherby. Regardless of how we grow however, we will continue to provide the same personal and professional service that has helped us succeed.

We’ve built our reputation on providing no-nonsense, first class logistics services for our customers over many years. We go the extra mile to solve problems and simplify solutions to ensure continued success. We really do make things simple and we believe our new branding reflects this perfectly.